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Friday, January 27, 2012

First Teaching Lesson for 255!

For Lab A2 I taught a 4-minute lesson on soccer touches! I had the students perform fundamental first touch skills with the soccer ball using various parts of their feet as well as alternating left and right. Towards the end of the lesson I had the students see how many consecutive passes back and forth they could make! The lesson went very smoothly in my opinion and I had a great time teaching it. I felt like I did a lot of things well throughout the lesson, such as keeping everyone organized, time management, proper demonstrations, and giving the students choices of changing their difficulty of the skill. One thing I did differently from my peers was that the students already had equipment prior to starting, therefore wasting no time getting started. I also gave clear instruction and in detail demonstrations. My voice was loud enough for everyone to hear which was key in the noisy gymnasium. Another thing I did well was give the students a choice to change the skill to make it more difficult, by doing this I eliminated the chance of students getting bored of a 'too easy' skill and drifting away from the lesson.   

Take a look below! 

After watching my video over there are still things that I need to work on as a teacher candidate. One thing I can always keep working on is my voice level. As my time here at Cortland furthers on there is one thing that will always be constant, a loud gymnasium. I need to work on projecting my voice louder so everyone can hear me at all times. Another thing I can possibly work on is not changing my demonstrations but changing my words to more direct, precise ones. Instead of repeating myself I can work on direct cues which will make it easier for students to learn skills. 

These positive changes will help student learning in my future because it will allow my students to know exactly what I expect of them as well as allow them to learn skills more easily. It will make my students more interested in my lessons and more eager to learn. Overall, the better I get at teaching physical education the more my future students will benefit from it! 

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