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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preparing for Lab B - Jump Rope Style!

These past few days of class have been preparation time for our Lab B teaching experience!
I am very excited about my next time to teach because I can feel myself learning and growing as a future Physical Education teacher. 

We have been doing multiple drills to 'spice' up our daily routines and one specific drill is the SHOTGUN!
Professor Yang chooses two teacher candidates to perform each different block in a lesson plan. For example, one group introduces the task then another demonstrates it. Then a different group says the safety statements while another group provides feedback, and so on. The drill gets you to think quickly and get creative which is always fun to do!

 In this next week to come I will be finishing my preparations for my Lab B lesson of partner jump rope skills and teaching the skill to my classmates! I'm looking forward to it and I can not wait to share my experiences next week on my blog with video, pictures, etc. 

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