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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is Around the Corner!!

I have seen myself grow as a teacher and physical education student throughout the semester and I'm happy to say St. Mary's has had a big impact on that. I'm proud to be a Cortland Physical Education student and I'm proud to know the children and staff of 
St. Mary's Elementary School!!

 As my time at St. Mary's Elementary for this semester comes to an end I'm so grateful for this experience and I am also glad to say that next semester I will be back to see those great children as a Teacher's Assistant! 

This week in lab we brought the Christmas spirit and had a lot of fun playing a bunch of different games! We had a lot of physical activity today which was really great! The game the children enjoyed the most was guard ball, seen below. To make sure no one sat out, each time the ball went through your legs you had to skip around the circle singing 'Jingle Bells!' 
The kids loved it! 

!! Happy Holidays to All !!
My lab group that I worked with this semester was great in every way! Our TA helped us greatly and each member did their part! We worked great together as a group and we were one of the children's' favorite groups out of everyone else!

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This was a great class to work with! And a big thank you to Professor Yang!