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Monday, April 30, 2012

Finishing Up 255 With iDance Instructions & A Bulletin Board!!

As part of my final project for 255 I have to make Step-By-Step picture instructions of how to set up and use the iDance system as well as make an iDance themed Bulletin Board! 
This afternoon I met with my partner, Max Stern, in the Exer-gaming lab and we got started right away!! 
I took all of the pictures needed and made my step-by-step process of how to set-up the iDance system, the dance Pads, and also how to charge the dance Pads!
Click HERE to view my step-by-step instructions of how to set-up & charge the iDance unit!
Below is the video of the instructions made by my partner, Max Stern!

Next we started our Bulletin board! 
Below is a picture of what we have completed so far, but tomorrow there will be much more added!! 
 As you can see we only got part of it done. Max and I felt it was important to add our cues and fitness components of our lesson. Mine was the FITT Concept & his is Lifetime Fitness. What we plan to add to the bulletin board are as follows:
- Pictures, Resources, Information, Tips, and more! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lab D - Let's iDance!!!!

My Lab D finally arrived & I enjoyed the lesson as much as my students did!! The setting of my class was that they were at a 12th grade level and I had to implement practice into my lesson. With this in mind I wanted the first few songs to be strictly practice based and have the students go for high percentage completed! 

Since my lesson took place at 9am I wanted to get everyone moving & energized so we started right away! The students did a warm-up song and then moved into the next few songs of practicing for high percentages! 

One thing I believe I did really well this lesson was making sure everyone was on task, gave great congruent feedback, and also made sure the students understood what they were supposed to be doing through out the lesson! I made it a priority to give my students great feedback so they could perform to their potential and know that they were performing the songs successfully!
Keeping the class organized and on task was something I believe I did very well during my lesson. 
I made sure to check if there were any questions before starting a new task and made sure everyone was prepared prior to the start of each song. Below are some pictures showing how I had the students situated. With a high noise level it was key to keep the classroom and students organized & on task! 

Another thing I did well was give my students a challenge and also let them work together in pairs. The challenge and group songs allowed all students to be on an even playing field and no matter what skill level each student possessed they were all equal for these two songs.

Some things I think I could have done differently or work on for future are that in the beginning of the lesson I had the student who got the highest % write their initials and score on the board. Originally I planned it to be for the 12th graders to have friendly competition and hopefully motivate them to perform better. But this can exclude some students which is a very negative outcome. To correct this I should have each student write their % on the board, that way each student can try to beat their own score. This way they are not competing against their classmates and students are way less likely to be excluded. 

To end the lesson I called everyone in and gave them a FITT information handout which had information, examples, definitions, and a short homework assignment. Due to time constraints, the handout made it possible to quickly cover a topic and give the students information to learn the topic on their own. This handout would be used as part assessment for this unit as well.

Overall this lesson as made me grown as a future teacher immensely. I learned a lot through my successes, trials, and failures. I received feedback from my peers, experienced new things through technology, and expanded my physical education knowledge as a whole. My students experienced growth & success which is key to any physical education class and is what I strive to do everyday!!! 

Lab D was a success & I am moving right along to become the great teacher I want to be!! Below is a slideshow of more pictures from my lesson, be sure to take a look!!
Next post: Time Coding, C9 forms, Video, & more!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lab D - Final Preparations!!

Tomorrow I teach my Lab D lesson of iDance & I could not be anymore excited!!
I have a lot of great things planned for my classmates including challenges, slight competitions, teamwork, variations, and more! 
Shown below are pictures of my cues poster & reference card: 

Also, I've recorded myself doing my introduction for the lesson multiple times. 
Shown below is my final shot! 

By clicking HERE you can view the handout that my students will be receiving to cover the FITT concept  that I needed to incorporate into my lesson!
There is a summary, example, and short homework assignment! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter/Spring Day at St. Mary's!!

The group in which I TA for showed up ready to play this afternoon! They made homemade 'baskets' in which the children had to kick the 'eggs' into, they absolutely loved it!! 


Mid-afternoon we went outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day! We play tag and got some great exercise! Next week is our last week at St. Mary's & I'm not looking forward to my last day there..I've met some great kids and I'm going to miss going there every other week! 

Lab D Continues with Swimming, Exergaming, Ping Pong, & A Scavenger Hunt!

We had great lessons this past week of Swimming, Exergaming, Ping Pong, and a Scavenger Hunt! It was really a great week in which all of my peers used great techniques & ideas. We did Ping Pong then swimming aerobics and ultimate water frisbee. Then Exergaming with kickboxing and other fitness video game! Then to end the week we did a .5 mile scavenger hunt that informed us about the dangers of tobacco and cigarettes.
Below are some pictures to summarize what went on this week!

Monday it's finally my turn to teach my iDance Lesson and I am super excited!! Shortly after there will be a post with picture, video, time-coding and much more!!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*Lab D*

iDance Prepping Time!!!

Today I sat down and went through the entire playlist of the iDance system so I could have a set playlist for my teaching session! I've also just about finished my Lab D Resource Packet that has tons of information on my Lab D experience! 

My playlist for iDance lesson is as follows:
- Chopstix 1:44m  [Warm-Up]
- Aerial     1:42m
- Come On, Come On 1:41m
- Do It My Way 1:41m
- July 1:39m
- Elder God Shrine 1:39m  [Partner/Closing Activity]
- Million Feelings 1:33m *If time permits*
- Oasis 1:48m *If time permits*

Linked below are preparations for this teaching session, feel free to take a look!!! 

Full Lab D Resource Packet to be posted soon, along with pictures, video, and more!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trish Teaches Yoga!

The first of the Lab D experiences was taught today and to say the least, 
Trisha has set the bar high for the rest of us! 
She taught us all yoga while using different, interesting, and fun techniques. She incorporated technology, gave great feedback, had a great control on the class, and did a lot more! 
We all really enjoyed the lesson!