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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*Lab D*

iDance Prepping Time!!!

Today I sat down and went through the entire playlist of the iDance system so I could have a set playlist for my teaching session! I've also just about finished my Lab D Resource Packet that has tons of information on my Lab D experience! 

My playlist for iDance lesson is as follows:
- Chopstix 1:44m  [Warm-Up]
- Aerial     1:42m
- Come On, Come On 1:41m
- Do It My Way 1:41m
- July 1:39m
- Elder God Shrine 1:39m  [Partner/Closing Activity]
- Million Feelings 1:33m *If time permits*
- Oasis 1:48m *If time permits*

Linked below are preparations for this teaching session, feel free to take a look!!! 

Full Lab D Resource Packet to be posted soon, along with pictures, video, and more!!

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