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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lab D Continues with Swimming, Exergaming, Ping Pong, & A Scavenger Hunt!

We had great lessons this past week of Swimming, Exergaming, Ping Pong, and a Scavenger Hunt! It was really a great week in which all of my peers used great techniques & ideas. We did Ping Pong then swimming aerobics and ultimate water frisbee. Then Exergaming with kickboxing and other fitness video game! Then to end the week we did a .5 mile scavenger hunt that informed us about the dangers of tobacco and cigarettes.
Below are some pictures to summarize what went on this week!

Monday it's finally my turn to teach my iDance Lesson and I am super excited!! Shortly after there will be a post with picture, video, time-coding and much more!!!!! :)

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