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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lab C - Shinty Time!!

So the week before Spring Break brought about my Lab C teaching session and I was super excited for it! I had 10-12 minutes to teach my tasks and the scenario was that I was instructing a group of 4th graders! One thing I did great was my instant activity! It got the group going, got them working together, and also incorporated some cultural information about Scotland. Shinty came from Scotland a long, long time ago and this was a great way to get the students into it! I had four blue triangle pieces spread out in the middle of the court. Each piece had magnets on the back that would lock on to a corresponding spot on the white board. Also, on each blue piece there was a math problem, the answer was on the white board where the piece should be put. When the students solved each problem and put them on the board, it made a complete Scotland flag! Everyone really enjoyed it! 

My main task for today was to continue working on passing skills for my students and then get them into small game play. After a few short warm-up activities we got into our game positions. One thing I did not do so well was after I informed my students the rules of their small game and got them situated to play, I did not make clear boundaries of play. This was a small mistake that could cause injury and confusion and at first I couldn't believe I forgot to. It was a simple forgetful mistake that I fixed quickly. The students didn't even notice and they kept playing and having fun! 

Even though I did make a simple mistake I did not let it affect me in how my students were cooperating in their activities. I moved past it and still taught an effective lesson. I saw that my students improved on their passing skills and even incorporated game-like skills. Reflecting on how I taught this lesson makes it possible for me to know what I do good and what I need to improve to become a great teacher. I am learning in every situation I am in and it is benefiting me greatly. With reflections and experiences during these labs I will become a great instructor for my future students. 

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My Statistics for Time Coding were as follows: 
56% Activity
16% Instruction
13% Management
2.5% Waiting

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